Why Choose Me?



With three years at a reputable university, I have learnt my trade the right way; pairing experience and a natural ability with professional training. After achieving a 2:1 Bachelors degree in the subject, and before going it alone, I gained invaluable experience as a photographer’s assistant at a successful and established studio in Chester. Here I learnt how to capture photographs, which others may miss, embrace my own instincts and style, and what is truly needed to be a wedding photographer.

Since leaving Chester I have opened my own photography business and photographed many weddings across the UK, and have developed my own style further.



The Personal Touch

I pride myself on getting to know the happy couple. Approximately 4-8 weeks before the big day we will discuss which photographs are essential for me to capture, if there are any photographs I should avoid, and it is also a perfect opportunity for me to understand what is important to you both. Some want the day to be all about them, whilst others want it to be about their guests- I like taking the time to make sure everything is just right.

I also understand it can be rather daunting to have your photograph taken by a stranger on the most important day of your lives. But don’t worry, I will be there for you every step of the way on the run up to your wonderful wedding day, with any updates or answers to your worries. So we definitely wont feel like strangers when your wedding day arrives.



Taking Pride in the Service I Offer

From the moment I arrive on your wedding day I will ensure I capture everything that is important to you- even down to the smallest of details. I can assure you I will photograph it all- and will not leave until I have done so. I understand how important your wedding day is- a once in a lifetime life event- and I feel honoured at every wedding I photograph at, to be able to be apart of it. Therefore- I will do everything in my power to aid in its perfection!

Even before the big day- I will be in touch, making sure I have all the information I need to ensure your photographs will be perfect.

After your wedding- I will edit your photographs as quickly as I can- without compromising their quality, and give you regular updates of their progress.

I Love What I Do

Weddings have to be one of my favourite occasions to photograph. There is nothing more heart warming than two people declaring their love, and devoting their lives to one another.
And to be entrusted to capture this historic event in people's lives is the greatest honour of all. Even the small details such as the table settings are important- so much time, effort and money has gone into choosing every detail, and they are worth keeping in your memories- so I photograph them all.
I was recently asked to choose my favourite wedding, from all the ones I have photographed. I honestly couldn't decide on one. They are all beautiful in their own right- they are unique, just like the two lovebirds who are tying the knot. Another reason why I love photographing weddings so much- no two are ever the same, and new photo opportunities arise on every one. I am able to use my creative background to create new and beautiful ways of collecting memories in the form of photographs- photographs, which are created purely for the bride and groom, in a style that reflects them, and their gorgeous wedding.

I love photographing weddings because I love to photograph happiness in its purest form, and what is better than two people declaring to the world they will love each other forever, no matter what?