Frequently Asked Questions

How far will you travel?

I will travel to any destination within the UK at no extra cost. I have photographed weddings in Sheffield, Manchester, Cheshire, Yorkshire, North Wales and Northhamptonshire. Nowhere is too far for me! If you are planning a wedding abroad and would like me to be your photographer, please contact me for a personal quote.


Do we have to provide you a meal?

Absolutely not! I understand that wedding meals are expensive, and the last thing you would want to do is pay for me to eat. I will bring my own packed lunch on the day and have a little break during your wedding breakfast. This also means I won’t be going too far- so I am always on hand if a special moment arises.


How long will it take to receive our photographs?

Your photographs will be ready for collection or postage 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. If you have chosen a story photo book, or wedding album as part of your photography package, these will take a little longer, as layout designing and vendor manufacturing will have to be taken into account. I will however keep you updated with all progress.


Our wedding is in 2019/ 2020. How much will our wedding be?

All my prices are frozen at the time of booking. Therefore your wedding photography will be charges at the current advertised prices.


What happens if you are ill on our wedding day?

I can guarantee you that I will have to be on death’s door to cancel photographing your wedding. If I do happen to be too ill to attend, I have a large network of professional photographers all over the UK- so will do all that is in my power to find a replacement for you.


Will the photographs be watermarked?

No, the photographs you receive will not be watermarked, as you will have full license to print the photographs as you wish.

Do you charge extra for retouching?

All images will be colour corrected, and edited professionally. I will also provide some photographs in a black and white format. This is all included within your price. If you would like any photographs airbrushing, this will incur an extra cost-which will be reflective of the time it will take.


Can you photograph the groom getting ready, as well as the bridal preparations?

If you have chosen to have your wedding where you are able to both get ready in the same location, such as a hotel- I will be able to photograph both the bride and groom’s preparations. However, if you have chosen to get ready in different locations-I can provide an additional photographer for your entire wedding day for just £200. This means, the additional photographer will be able to capture the groom getting suited and booted.


How much is the deposit when booking, and is it refundable?

I would ask for a non-refundable deposit of £100 to secure your date.


We want to book- what happens now?

WONDERFUL! If you would like to book- please contact me so we can then discuss all of your exciting plans and ideas!