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Charlotte, Matt + The Cutest Baby Bump

A story of Covid, a pregnant bride, and the best day ever!

Charlotte + Matt  at Moor Hall Hotel, on their glorious wedding
Charlotte + Matt at Moor Hall Hotel, on their glorious wedding

Like so many 2020 couples, Charlotte and Matt’s original date was not able to go ahead due to the dreaded Corona virus. But they didn’t let that stop them. During the pandemic they decided to move into their forever home AND have a baby! It’s no secret that I’m a soppy git, so when their date was moved to 2021 and they revealed that they were also expecting- I was OVER the blooming moon and beyond excited. What a celebration this was going to be!

Charlotte + Matt  at Moor Hall Hotel, on their glorious wedding
The Secret Walled Garden at the beautiful Moor Hall Hotel

Their day soon rolled around, and guess what- YEP! 2 weeks before, my husband and I were struck down with the virus. I was beside myself as I couldn’t let C&M down. I knew I would have been negative by then, but I was struggling to breathe. Even sitting up in bed took the wind out of me. I called Matt and explained that I may be a little slower in my pace than usual- and he was so understanding and wonderful. I even lined up a backup photographer incase I was too weak to photograph- but I was still worried. I slept for 2 full days beforehand and woke up on the morning of their wedding feeling almost myself, with so much more energy. I can not explain how relieved I was. After another negative test, I was finally on my way to their long awaited wedding day! Now, when someone tells you ‘It was worth the wait’- in this case, it REALLY was. Their whole day took place in the beautiful Moor Hall hotel and Spa in Sutton Coldfield. I arrived early to photograph Charlotte and her bridal party as they got pampered and prepared for an amazing day. The room was filled with excitement and an indescribable amount of happiness. Charlotte looked breathtaking in her show stopping dress from Wedding belles Four Oaks, and the dress framed her bump beautifully.

Charlotte + Matt  at Moor Hall Hotel, on their glorious wedding
Stealing newly wed kisses

Finally, after waiting so long, It was time to day I DO. Charlotte’s dad walked her down the aisle and gave her away to her handsome Matt. It was such a special moment for everyone present, especially the new Mr & Mrs Burton! This was the first ceremony I had been present where masks were a choice, not necessity. It was an odd yet liberating feeling, knowing that the world was finally returning to a little normality. Their drinks reception took place outside a it was such a hot Summer’s day. Confetti was thrown, glassed were chinked, and everyone had a blast. With the summer in full bloom, their photos were taken in the secret walled garden- the perfect place for a variety of backdrops to really make their photos special. After their group photos, I stole C&M for some bride and groom photos. They were heaps of fun and humoured my every request.

Charlotte + Matt  at Moor Hall Hotel, on their glorious wedding
Charlotte + Matt's bridal and groom's party

It was amazing, and the most unforgettable day. And although covid had tried to stop me and a few other guests, there wasn’t a mention of the dreaded word, and everyone focussed on what was important- Charlotte, Matt and their baby!

Charlotte + Matt  at Moor Hall Hotel, on their glorious wedding

Whilst some people may want to push tradition on you, and say it’s best not to be pregnant on your wedding day, please remember to ignore these people. Firstly, it’s non of their business how and when you decide to have a baby. Secondly how dare they. And lastly- why on earth wouldn’t it be amazing? You are marrying the love of your life and your new growing little human will be right there with you. Imagine, in years to come, showing your children your wedding photos and being able to say ‘there you are’. I personally think that is pretty wonderful! Likewise, if you choose to have children after you get married, or even decide children aren’t in your future, thats great too! But remember- whatever you choose to do- IT IS YOUR CHOICE, not your over opinionated great aunt Mildred who thinks its still the 18th century. And whatever you choose to do- HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!

Charlotte + Matt  at Moor Hall Hotel, on their glorious wedding
What a celebration!

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